Other Media Appearances (links)

Other broadcast appearances PBS NewsHour Al Jazeera English: The Riz Khan Show Al Jazeera English: Inside Story (Internet freedoms) BBC World Television BBC World Service America Abroad Media/NPR: Communications Breakdown: Losing the War of Ideas WBAI New York 99.5fm: Equal Time for Free Thought (Islam & Global Power) Al Jazeera English: David Frost’s Frost over […]

Arab Spring Interviews (Links)

NPR’s Here and Now: Libya’s Revolution: Made in Qatar? NPR’s Here and Now: Al Jazeera English Seeks to Expand U.S. Audience TVO Canada The Agenda CNN’s Reliable Sources NPR’s On the Media Modern Egyptology CNN Reliable Sources CNN Newsroom BBC World WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show ABC Australia Late Night Live Minnesota Public Radio WBAI […]

Columbia Univ. Dart Center Interview

Columbia Univ. Dart Center Interview For Journalism and Trauma (Feb. 1, 2011) A media scholar explains how Arab news professionals, under siege as governments seek to manage their message, see themselves as agents of change in a turbulent time. Note: A media revolution unleashed 15 years ago with the launch of independent satellite network Al […]

MSNBC.com Transcript

What you need to know about the unrest in the Mideast: Experts explain why what happens in that volatile region matters to you Question: To what degree is U.S. foreign policy contributing to or responsible for the unrest sweeping the region? Answer from Lawrence Pintak, dean of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at […]