It’s Not Only a Game: Advergaming set to become a billion dollar industry (May 30, 2001) It claims to be “the best free Shockwave gaming site on the Internet.” Gamers clicking on may indeed react like — well, like a kid in a candy store. After all, it would be hard not to, since everywhere they look there is candy…even on the names of the games: […]

Let the Games Begin: Online games becoming a winning play for advertisers (June 6, 2001) When kids log on to the games page of, the web site of the Nickelodeon television network, one of the first things they are likely to encounter is banner ad that reads: “You’re a player? Choose a game.” Their choices include the Honeycomb Craver Course, Lunchables Scooter Challenge, Climb Mt. […]

For(d) the Birds: Yahoo Ads (May 16, 2001) Cynics have been saying for years that Internet advertising is for the birds. Now Yahoo has proven them right. And in the process, it may have set a new course for the advertising flock to follow. Industry analysts see the so-called “takeover ad” that Yahoo ran May 4 for the 2002 […]

A is for Apple, B is for Broadband: Ad agencies getting a course in Streaming 101 (May 8, 2001) They didn’t have to raise their hands to go to the bathroom, but the ad executives who gathered in a Chicago conference room not long ago were definitely back in school. The subject matter, streaming media, was something their clients were likely to test them on one of these days. “The […]

Radio Silence: Streaming technology companies big winners in AFTRA online radio dispute (May 3, 2001) Loyal online listeners clicking on the “listen live” link on the web site of New York’s WABC in the past few weeks have been greeted by this notice: “We are very sorry you can’t listen to WABC right now. WABC has temporarily removed our audio stream.” The news-talk giant, which regularly […]

Getting Rich on the Downturn: Ad industry woes giving rich media a shot-in-the-arm (April 25, 2001) When Merrill Lynch’s advertising gurus recently decided they wanted to run a flight of rich media ads on financial web site beginning later that same day, it was left to solutions provider Point Roll to cut through the technical red tape. Within two hours,’s technicians had fielded, tested and […]

Conferences in the Mist: How trade show producers are coping with the downturn (April 21, 2001) Newspapers are reeling, dot coms are tottering and ad agencies are bleeding, but in the midst of what is quickly becoming the Great Media Meltdown, Internet tradeshow organizers are dodging and weaving to find opportunity in the angst. “The Internet community needs these events more than ever because there’s more information […]

Markets Within Markets: Online minority consumers are not just divided by ethnicity (April 14, 2001) When most people think ethnic markets, they think niches. But as the latest census findings demonstrate, the nation’s “minorities” are quickly becoming huge and highly cohesive markets. And, like the nation at large, minorities are moving online at an astounding rate. For many, minority-focused web sites are the prime destination. And […]

Black & White and Read All Over: Minority-focused Internet sites reaching booming new markets (April 7, 2001) News organizations in the past few weeks have been busy reporting that the latest census figures show a huge increase in the nation’s Hispanic and Asian populations. But the fact that America’s complexion is changing comes as no surprise to Internet marketers, who have been quietly building an industry to serve […]

Eyes on the Prize: Keeping fingers off “delete” is the challenge for rich emailers (April 4, 2001) One hundred billion. That’s how many opt-in, or permission, emails American will receive this year. Throw in another 62 billion spam messages and you’re talking an awful lot of email. Those figures, from market research firm eMarketer, give some idea why email marketing is getting so much attention these days. But […]