Rich Emailers See Opportunity in Advertising Adversity: But do the solutions measure up? (March 28, 2001) It has been, in a word, disaster. The current downturn in ad spending has agencies, publishers and the folks who serve them scrambling for cover. Layoffs have become a daily occurrence. There is much bleeding from the bottom line. But one group of marketers sees opportunity in adversity. “Advertisers and clients […]

Beyond the Hype: The challenge of finding “solutions” that actually work

March 21, 2001 The ideas are often brilliant; the potential huge. But advertisers and ad agencies evaluating new online “solutions” too often find that the marketing pitch outshines the technology. “A lot of the time, the hype machine gets into play and they’ll be telling you how great the product is and then you get […]

The Era of the Big Boys? One-stop shopping offers simplicity in confused landscape

March 14, 2001 When Compaq recently awarded a major account to FCB San Francisco, one key reason was the agency’s interactive capabilities. “FCB was told by their client how thrilled they were that their interactive team was total involved in the pitch,” recalls Murray Gaylord, vice president of branding at Yahoo, which is now working […]

Return of the Dinosaurs: Traditional ad agencies are back in the online loop (March 7, 2001) Open up an Internet trade magazine at any point in recent years, and the odds were you’d find advertising industry news dominated the “hot” new interactive shops. To hear these brash young Web marketing mavens tell it, the “traditional” ad agencies were dinosaurs frozen in the Ice Age of the “Old […]

When Bigger is Better: Rich media advertisers welcome new industry standards (Feb. 28, 2001) On the Internet, 2001 is shaping up to be the year of the intrusive advertisement, and no one could be happier than fans of rich media advertising. “Brand is going to be key this year and that means more streaming, more real estate and more interactivity,” predicts Mark Stephens, director of […]

Virtual Valentine: Advertisers tap new technology for an old cause (Feb. 14, 2001) It’s pretty sad when you have to send yourself a virtual flower for Valentine’s Day. It’s even sadder when it dies within minutes of arriving. But if you think that’s sad, how about being so desperate to see a box of Valentine’s chocolates that you spend five minutes downloading a 3D […]

Wanted: Models That Can Turn a Profit: Content providers seek a path out of the red (Feb. 7, 2001) Where’s the money? As advertisers hit the brakes in the face of recession worries, that question is being asked across the Internet. But nowhere more so than among streaming media sites, where higher costs and low broadband penetration team up to make profits elusive. Can advertising alone power the industry? The […]

Advertising’s Next Tower of eBabel: Wireless makes Web tracking look like a piece of cake (Jan. 31, 2001) It’s a bit like the SETI program. You send out a signal, but you may never know if anyone ever received it. That may work for researchers searching for intelligent life in the universe, but for advertisers eyeing wireless, it’s far less attractive. Yet it’s precisely the situation for anyone considering […]

Wireless Advertising on Trial: Harnessing the potential that toppled a president (Jan. 25, 2001) Wireless communications have produced a revolution. No, this isn’t another breathless report about gee-whiz products. We’re talking politics here. A real revolution. As in overthrowing a president. It happened recently in the Philippines. Opponents of embattled President Joseph Estrada sent out text messages to hundreds of thousands of hand phones saying […]

In Your Face Email: Computer-manipulated Models Provide “Human-like” Experience (Jan. 15, 2001) Hal, the renegade computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey may not become reality this year, but his poor cousins will soon be coming to an in-box near you. The same technology that allows live, virtual medical operations to be conducted from thousands of miles away has now been adapted to produce […]