Comparing Apples & Oranges: The Fruit Salad of Advertising Measurement (Jan. 9, 2001) You have just spent $100,000 on an Internet advertising campaign. Your boss expects results. And you have them — two nice detailed reports. The only problem is, they say very different things. Welcome to the world of Web advertising measurement. “If you are an advertiser and you are serving to a […]

Who’s Counting? Ratings Data is Beginning to Stream In (Dec. 26, 2000) Television has the Nielsen’s. Radio has the Arbitron’s. The Internet has — well, what exactly is the Web equivalent of the broadcast ratings systems? Online, too, these two research firms have been the bellwethers of the net economy. Nielsen releases weekly rankings for the top 25 sites with the most traffic, […]

“You Love Me, You Really Love Me! Survey finds ad agencies growing interested in streaming media (Feb. 21, 2001) Streaming media companies can expect more advertising dollars from more advertising agencies this year. That’s the conclusion of a new Yankee Group survey of 100 ad agencies. Sixty-five percent of agencies responding said they are likely to recommend that their clients buy streaming media advertising in the next 12 months, and […]

How Brands Measure Up: New Tools Track Online Advertiser Awareness (Dec. 19, 2000) What happens if an ad is served up and nobody clicks? That’s the $64 million question in Internet advertising these days. Unlike the proverbial tree falling in the woods, advertisers know somebody <i>saw</i> the ad; what the industry hasn’t been able to tell them is, what <i>effect<i> did it have? Until […]

Not Ready For Prime Time? Streaming Video Ads Face Hurdles (Dec. 5, 2000) “It’s the future of the Internet,” a top executive of DoubleClick evangelized at a Silicon Valley conference on Web publishing last autumn. “Forget banners. This will change everything.” She was talking about the Internet’s version of a television commercial: rich media ads that contain video or animation. A year later, Web […]

Attack of the Killer Audio Ads: Part II (Nov. 28, 2000) “Lawrence,” said the voiceover on an animated Disney ad for costumes, “you can make Halloween happen by magic.” In an age when perfect strangers know what brand underpants I wear, I am long past the stage where I am surprised that Web marketers know either my name or the fact that […]

Caching In on the Election (Nov. 22, 2000) Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul … err, Sam. In hyping it’s election night “Live Interactive Television experience on the Internet,” ABC’s promotions department told viewers watching TV coverage anchored by Peter Jennings to ignore the commercials so they could take part in an online contest. It was just one […]

Attack of the Killer Audio Ads (Nov. 22, 2000) The music blared from the desktop computer; a pounding, head-banger beat that reverberated through the sedate corporate office. Annoyed co-workers quickly demanded that the offender turn down his CD. But this was no CD and it was certainly not being played by choice. The source of this relentless assault on the […]

Superheros Plug Super Technology (Nov. 6, 2000) It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a telecommunications PR campaign. The world of WAP, voice recognition and Internet infrastructure may seem a strange place for superheroes, but six animated crime fighters are at least saving the world from yet another white paper on technology convergence. “There’s so much clutter […]

Media Morph: Radio and the Web Merge at Dallas Rocker (Oct. 29, 2000) It sounds like a radio station. It markets itself like a radio station. So is a radio station? Yes, but… “We try to blur the line between radio station and web site,” says mid-day DJ and multi-media director Jeff K. “We are one tool listeners can use not only in […]