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Modern Egyptology – On The Media Feb 4, 2011 Former CBS Middle East correspondent Lawrence Pintak talks about some of the worst cable news coverage he saw, including a segment he

Modern Egyptology Transcript – On The Media

A Big Change at Al Jazeera – On The Media Sep 23, 2011 Bob talked about the possible reasons for Khanfar’s departure with Lawrence Pintak, author of The New Arab Journalist: Mission and Identity in

A Big Change at Al Jazeera Transcript – On The Media

War of the Worlds – On The Media Feb 20, 2009 Earlier this month, right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders was denied entry into the United Kingdom to screen his controversial film …

Mightier Than the Pen – On The Media Jul 28, 2006 But former CBS Middle East correspondent Lawrence Pintak tells Brooke that the global polarization of news has put individual reporters at

Mightier Than the Pen Transcript – On The Media

The Pistol and the Olive Branch – On The Media Nov 12, 2004 For 40 years the father of the Palestinian independence movement, Yasir Arafat carefully cultivated – some might say crafted – an effective

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