The village of Pintak in Translyvania, Romania

Evolution of the village of Pintak

Before WWI (c. 1900): Town name, Pintak; District, Besztercze-Naszód; Province, Erdély; Country Hungary

Between the wars (c. 1930): Town name, Pintic; District, Bistriţa-Nasăud; Province Transilvania; Country, Romania

After WWII (c. 1950): Town, Slătiniţa; Province, Transylvania; Country, Romania

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The Lost Years of Jesus, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“The lost years of Jesus” provides evidence Jesus visited India during the lost years. 1894, Nicholas Notovich writes a book called “The unknown life of Jesus Christ”. In the document Jesus name was Issa, a prophet from Israel. Issa was well acquainted with Buddhist theology. Max Muller wrote a book called “The sacred books of the East” calling Issa a fraud and pointing out that the Jews did not come to India until 35 A.D. It seems Notovich story came into doubt by the European scholars. Notovich claim he was near Gompa of Pintak when he fell from his horse and broke his leg. Notovich learns from the chief lama, they possess yellowed documents accounting for the lost years of Jesus. The chief lama produces two large bound volumes.

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