Let the Games Begin: Online games becoming a winning play for advertisers

Internet.com (June 6, 2001) When kids log on to the games page of Nick.com, the web site of the Nickelodeon television network, one of the first things they are likely to encounter is banner ad that reads: “You’re a player? Choose a game.” Their choices include the Honeycomb Craver Course, Lunchables Scooter Challenge, Climb Mt. […]

Getting Rich on the Downturn: Ad industry woes giving rich media a shot-in-the-arm

Internet.com (April 25, 2001) When Merrill Lynch’s advertising gurus recently decided they wanted to run a flight of rich media ads on financial web site MotleyFool.com beginning later that same day, it was left to solutions provider Point Roll to cut through the technical red tape. Within two hours, MotleyFool.com’s technicians had fielded, tested and […]

Conferences in the Mist: How trade show producers are coping with the downturn

Internet.com (April 21, 2001) Newspapers are reeling, dot coms are tottering and ad agencies are bleeding, but in the midst of what is quickly becoming the Great Media Meltdown, Internet tradeshow organizers are dodging and weaving to find opportunity in the angst. “The Internet community needs these events more than ever because there’s more information […]

Rich Emailers See Opportunity in Advertising Adversity: But do the solutions measure up?

Internet.com (March 28, 2001) It has been, in a word, disaster. The current downturn in ad spending has agencies, publishers and the folks who serve them scrambling for cover. Layoffs have become a daily occurrence. There is much bleeding from the bottom line. But one group of marketers sees opportunity in adversity. “Advertisers and clients […]