Habibie to call for elections by 1999 Indonesian leader yields to pressure (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 25, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – President Bachruddin Jusuf Habibie is ready to accept genuine economic reform and new parliamentary elections within a year to save the country from continued turmoil, a leading opposition leader said yesterday. Muslim leader Amien Rais disclosed the results of a private meeting with Mr. Habibie as five […]

Who might succeed Suharto (Toronto Globe & Mail)

Toronto Globe & Mail, May 16, 1998 Megawati Sukarno:  Daughter of Indonesia’s only other president, Sukarno, is labeled “opposition leader” by the Western media, but she lacks charisma or political savvy. Any serious role she might have played was undercut when the government stage-managed an internal coup within her party that left several dead last […]