Indonesian textile industry shackled by currency crisis Unemployment mounts rapidly (Washington Times)

Washingotn Times, April 9, 1998 TAMBUN BEKASI, Indonesia – With a quick and practiced hand, the young girl snips stray threads from the red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt stretched out on the board in front of her, keeping up a running conversation with the girls to either side, all doing the same. A […]

Forest fires add to Jakarta’s ills for second year Green groups worry about wildlife (Washington Times)

Washington Times, March 6, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Widespread forest fires on the island of Borneo are threatening Southeast Asia with a repeat of last year’s disastrous haze shroud, which a new study estimates cost the region nearly $1.4 billion. The fires are concentrated in the Indonesian section of the island, known as Kalimantan. Similar […]

Indonesian unrest hurting tourist trade in balmy Bali Hotel occupancy down, international flights cut back (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Feb. 12, 1998 BALI, Indonesia – An economic meltdown and small-scale riots on nearby islands are making tourists think twice about visiting this storied tropical paradise. “Do you think it’s safe for me to drive around the island on my own?” Rosemary Reynolds, a tourist from California nervously asked a Bali resident at […]