Ousted leader haunts Indonesian political scene Suharto still exercises power through his offspring (Washington Times)

Washington Times, July 3, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Six weeks after he was ousted from power, former President Suharto continues to loom as a presence in the Indonesian political landscape. After three decades of one-man rule, Indonesia now resembles a political smorgasbord of emerging political parties representing everyone from students and Muslims to supporters of […]

Congressional group presses Habibie Rep. Smith talks tough, meets with jailed rebel chief (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 28, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – A congressional group led by Rep. Christopher H. Smith heaped pressure on President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie yesterday to clean up his country’s record on democracy and human rights, warning their support for an IMF bailout package would depend on the results. Mr. Smith delivered the warning yesterday […]

Communications Gap Feeds a Revolution (San Francisco Chronicle)

May 1998  (JAKARTA) – It all came down to body language. “Things were going fine until he saw that picture,” reports a senior source close to the Indonesian presidential palace. “Then his attitude changed completely.” “That picture” was a photo showing IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus standing — arms crossed — looking down at President […]

Suharto promises reform – again critics skeptical of follow-through (Washington Times)

Washington Times, April 9, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – President Suharto’s government bowed for the third time in six months yesterday to demands for economic reform, telling a skeptical International Monetary Fund there will be none of the backsliding that ruined previous agreements. “This time there is a very strong, not only commitment, but instruction from […]

World leaders boost pressure on Suharto Japan makes appeal in `Asian’ manner (Washington Times)

Washington Times, March 16, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Japanese and Western leaders yesterday opened a new campaign to wring concessions from President Suharto, who a day earlier bucked world opinion by naming his daughter and his closest friend to key Cabinet posts. But Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto gave no sign after a surprise meeting […]

Suharto seeks new terms for bailout U.S. sends envoy to back up IMF (Washington Times)

Washington Times, March 2, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – President Suharto defied the international financial community yet again yesterday, calling for a renegotiation of his country’s bailout plan on the eve of talks with U.S. presidential envoy Walter Mondale. Expressing his impatience with efforts by the International Monetary Fund to bandage his bleeding economy, Suharto said […]

Indonesia resists U.S., IMF on plan to rescue economy (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Feb. 17, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia appears set to thumb its nose at the United States and International Monetary Fund over the handling of its economic crisis and the choice of its next vice president, even as stepped-up violence has begun to claim lives. That defiance sent the nation’s currency, the rupiah, […]

Expatriates lose jobs, business as Indonesia’s economy crashes (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Jan. 29, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – American Ken D’Angelo had a dream job. He was to help design and build one of Southeast Asia’s large planned cities – an Indonesian version of Reston, Va., or Columbia, Md. When he started six years ago, Mr. D’Angelo saw it as a chance to help change […]