Lippo Group sues Wal-Mart over Indonesia pullout (Washington Times)

Washington Times, March 12, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Indonesia connection that cost President Clinton political capital could cost Wal-Mart millions in hard cash. The retail giant is being sued for $100 million by its Indonesian partner, James Riady’s Lippo Group, which charges Wal-Mart with “collusion,” “manipulation of data” and general incompetence in the operation […]

U.S. firms ignore tumult, stay in Indonesia (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Feb. 24, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia’s economic storm has some U.S. companies battening down the hatches, others scavenging for deals among the local casualties, and many left with contracts that aren’t worth the paper on which they were written. U.S. power companies are among those on the phone to their lawyers after […]

Indonesia resists U.S., IMF on plan to rescue economy (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Feb. 17, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia appears set to thumb its nose at the United States and International Monetary Fund over the handling of its economic crisis and the choice of its next vice president, even as stepped-up violence has begun to claim lives. That defiance sent the nation’s currency, the rupiah, […]

Expatriates lose jobs, business as Indonesia’s economy crashes (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Jan. 29, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – American Ken D’Angelo had a dream job. He was to help design and build one of Southeast Asia’s large planned cities – an Indonesian version of Reston, Va., or Columbia, Md. When he started six years ago, Mr. D’Angelo saw it as a chance to help change […]

Indonesia breaks for a jittery timeout. Coming months will be critical to nation’s economic recovery and future (The Washington Times)

The Washington Times, Feb. 2, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Millions of Indonesians were back in their home villages at the end of last week for the feast to mark the end of Ramadan, giving the country a nervous timeout before entering a critical two months that could make or break its future. The annual Idul-Fitri […]