Let the Games Begin: Online games becoming a winning play for advertisers

Internet.com (June 6, 2001) When kids log on to the games page of Nick.com, the web site of the Nickelodeon television network, one of the first things they are likely to encounter is banner ad that reads: “You’re a player? Choose a game.” Their choices include the Honeycomb Craver Course, Lunchables Scooter Challenge, Climb Mt. […]

Markets Within Markets: Online minority consumers are not just divided by ethnicity

Internet.com (April 14, 2001) When most people think ethnic markets, they think niches. But as the latest census findings demonstrate, the nation’s “minorities” are quickly becoming huge and highly cohesive markets. And, like the nation at large, minorities are moving online at an astounding rate. For many, minority-focused web sites are the prime destination. And […]