Ousted leader haunts Indonesian political scene Suharto still exercises power through his offspring (Washington Times)

Washington Times, July 3, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Six weeks after he was ousted from power, former President Suharto continues to loom as a presence in the Indonesian political landscape. After three decades of one-man rule, Indonesia now resembles a political smorgasbord of emerging political parties representing everyone from students and Muslims to supporters of […]

Habibie Stumbles Through: First week tough for new Indonesian leader (San Francisco Chronicle))

June 1998 (JAKARTA) – Indonesia ended the first full week of the post-Suharto era a nation drunk on reform after three decades of authoritarian rule. The most striking thing was the sheer volume of political noise. The long-repressed voice of the Indonesian populous was suddenly released in a cacophony of debate, discussion and denunciation. Everyone, […]

After 32 years, Suharto resigns No. 2 to serve out Indonesian’s term (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 21, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – After more than three decades of unrivaled rule over the world’s fourth-most-populous nation, Indonesian President Suharto has resigned. “After truly considering the opinions of parliament and heads of factions in it, I decide to declare withdrawal as president of the republic of Indonesia,” a humbled Suharto said […]