Suharto won’t resign, pledges cabinet changes Indonesian troops gird for more riots (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 18, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – In the long tradition of Third-World dictators under siege, President Suharto dug in over the weekend, ordering the military to crack down on unrest and offering only cosmetic changes in response to riots that made a charred skeleton of his capital. Three days after returning to Indonesia, […]

Troops take to streets as riots rage in Indonesian capital; Generals hem and haw over Suharto’s future (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 15, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Widespread rioting and looting gripped the Indonesian capital for a third day yesterday as power brokers maneuvered behind the scenes to pave the way for the end of President Suharto’s 32-year reign. With 20 reported killed, the military ordered its troops to take over the streets. “Jakarta […]

Middle Class Indonesians Keep Quiet Amid Growing Unrest (Washington Times)

Washington Times, May 7, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Police used rubber bullets and live ammunition to quell riots that left at least six persons dead yesterday, aggravating a crisis that has begun to undermine the principles that sustain President Suharto in power. It was the third straight day of riots sparked by increases in food, […]

Suharto promises reform – again critics skeptical of follow-through (Washington Times)

Washington Times, April 9, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – President Suharto’s government bowed for the third time in six months yesterday to demands for economic reform, telling a skeptical International Monetary Fund there will be none of the backsliding that ruined previous agreements. “This time there is a very strong, not only commitment, but instruction from […]

Chinese Indonesians’ fear grows Mobs attack shops, homes in West Java (Washington Times)

Washington Times, Feb. 16, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Mobs attacked Chinese-owned businesses in a city east of the capital yesterday, adding to the fears of ethnic Chinese who believe they are being made scapegoats for Indonesia’s economic turmoil. “Everybody has a passport and a ticket on their bodies at all times,” said one Chinese businessman. […]

Indonesia breaks for a jittery timeout. Coming months will be critical to nation’s economic recovery and future (The Washington Times)

The Washington Times, Feb. 2, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia – Millions of Indonesians were back in their home villages at the end of last week for the feast to mark the end of Ramadan, giving the country a nervous timeout before entering a critical two months that could make or break its future. The annual Idul-Fitri […]