America & Islam: Soundbites, Suicide Bombs and the Road to Donald Trump

Finalist, Religion News Association 2020 Award for Religion Reporting Excellence.

Donald Trump’s presidency shocked the world. His attitudes toward Muslims became a key point of contention on the campaign trail, and proved to be a harbinger of his broader war of divisiveness and discord. Here, acclaimed journalist Lawrence Pintak scrutinizes America’s relationship with Islam since its foundation. Casting Donald Trump as a symptom of centuries of misunderstanding of Muslims and demonization of the Islamic world, as well as a cause of future tensions, Pintak shows how and why America’s relationship with the world’s largest religion has been so fractious, damaging and self-defeating.

Featuring unique interviews with victims and perpetrators of Trump’s policies, as well as analysis of the media’s role in inflaming debate, America & Islam seeks to provide a complete guide to the twin challenges of terrorism and the polarizing rhetoric that fuels it, and sketches out a future based on co-operation and the reassertion of democratic values.