Target: Hollywood

A dagger aimed at the heart of Hollywood. Two Middle Eastern cousins. One determined to strike at the capital of American decadence. The other trying desperately to stop him. The untold story of a plot at the dawn of America’s war on terror by award-winning author and former CBS News Middle East correspondent Lawrence Pintak.

Ali Ghaddar had made a new life for himself far from the violence of his native Beirut. But even Chicago wasn’t far enough to keep the demons at bay. Each new terrorist outrage back home left him feeling more angry and helpless.

So when his girlfriend’s father was kidnapped by a military group controlled by the cousin he once considered a brother, it didn’t take the CIA long to convince him to go back and try to save him. In the process, he stumbled on a chilling plot to strike at the icons of Hollywood in an audacious high-profile attack. Working with OSIRIS, a secret anti-terrorist strike team, Ali plunged back into the nightmare he thought he had escaped, torn between family ties, the desperate need to save his girlfriend’s father, and the realization that the fate of countless Americans lay in his hands.