The Murrow Interview

A Conversation with Dan Fletcher

Dan Fletcher wants to change the way you get your news. The former director of news at Facebook and online manager at Time magazine has co-founded a venture called Beacon Reader, where subscribers offer to "sponsor" a writer in exchange for having access to all of Beacon Reader's online content.

"As a consumer of news, I want things that challenge my opinions," said Fletcher. He worries that in today's hyper personalized content; it is growing more and more difficult to discover opposing or differing viewpoints. News consumers often see information that is preselected for them by complex online algorithms that help find more targeted content. But the price might often be that alternative stories or differing viewpoints might get lost. "Traditional legacy news and INews operations now find themselves at odds over objectivity," said Fletcher.

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The Murrow Interview is hosted by Lawrence Pintak, professor of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University.