The Murrow Interview

A Conversation with John Seigenthaler and Marcy McGinnis

The Global Face of Journalism offers two of the nation's leading news figures; John Seigenthaler and Marcy McGinnis as part of the 39th Murrow Symposium and the latest edition of the Murrow Interview series.

Seigenthaler is the prime time news anchor at Al Jazeera America, the new U.S. news channel that provides both domestic and international news for American audiences. Prior to joining Al Jazeera America, Seigenthaler spent 11 years at NBC News, including nine as the anchor of the top-rated NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition. Marcy McGinnis is senior vice president of newsgathering at Al Jazeera America. Previously, McGinnis was at CBS News for three decades and held several executive roles including senior vice president of news coverage.

Both discuss the challenges of starting up the cable news channel Al Jazeera America and how they hope to gain new audience by returning to a traditional news reporting model.

Photos from the Event