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Sep 03, 2023

In 2001, I asked: “Why are there so few Buddhists of color?”

"Something has to change." Shambhala Sun (now Lion's Roar). Sept. 2002. Click here…

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Jul 20, 2005

Translating Spirituality Into Real Life: An interview with the late Sufi master, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan died on June 17th [2004] at the age of 87 (see our online memorial).…

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Dec 02, 2002

Gene Smith’s Mission (vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 2002)

Vol. 1, No. 1 2002 Lawrence Pintak profiles Gene Smith, the man from Ogden, Utah who…

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Nov 02, 2001

Insight Meditation at 25

Shambhala Sun, November 2001 The idea was almost too ridiculous to contemplate. Three…

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Sep 16, 2001

The Terror Koan: American Buddhists contemplate violence

Sept. 2001 The image is seared into our collective consciousness: Buddhist monks setting…

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Sep 02, 2001

“Something Has to Change”: Blacks in American Buddhism

Shambhala Sun, September 2001. Lawrence Pintak tells the compelling stories of three…

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Jun 02, 2001

Balancing Business With Buddha: More and more executives and entrepreneurs are bringing the dharma to the art of the deal

June 2001 The wise and moral man Shines like a fire on a hilltop Who does not hurt the flower.…

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Feb 16, 2001

The Dharma Scribe

A former physician and monk from Australia named Nick Ribush could be the reason you're…

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Oct 02, 2000

A Share of the Soil

Worcester Magazine (2000) What would make a perfectly ordinary suburban family from suburban…

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Jan 03, 2000

Tibet’s Suffering: Visiting lama survived 20 years in Chinese jail

Worcester Magazine (Jan. 2000) The flight into exile of one of Tibet’s most revered religious…

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Dec 01, 1999

Satish Kumar

Worcester Magazine (1999) At the age of nine, he took vows as a Jain monk. At 18, he began…

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