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Nov 29, 2006

Will Al-Jazeera English Find Its Groove?

Bad news is often good news for journalists. Last week’s assassination of Lebanese opposition…

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Nov 17, 2006

Al-Jazeera English: Day One Report Card

Published on Thursday, November 16, 2006 by Der Speigel Call it the Un-CNN. Imagine that the BBC…

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Oct 19, 2006

America’s Media Bubble

CAIRO (Oct. 19, 2006) — The United States no longer controls the script. That's a reality…

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Aug 23, 2006

Look Who’s Fair And Balanced

(Aug. 22, 2006) The summer of 2006 marked an important milestone for Arab media. Israel and…

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Aug 02, 2006

Open Season on Journalists in the Middle East

The pen may be “mightier than the sword,” but in recent years, the sword has left a trail of…

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Feb 12, 2006

Why all the fuss now?

16 - 22 February 2006 In a confused world of overlapping cultures, authoritarian and extremist…

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Feb 04, 2006

Western, Arab Journalists Miles Apart in Cartoon Rift

DOHA, QATAR (Feb. 3, 2006) - It is a row that gives new meaning to the phrase, “publish and be…

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Jan 02, 2006

Reporting a revolution: the changing Arab media landscape

Vol. 1 2006 Camera-phone videos of Egyptian police torturing suspects posted on…

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Sep 01, 2005

Beyond Media ‘Dialogues’: Time to put away the champagne flutes

Issue 3, Fall 2007 “It’s the condescending attitude that I get tired of,” a top editor at…

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Jan 31, 1991

Speaking in Defense Of Peter Arnett of CNN

The Washington Post, Jan. 30, 1991 THE WHITE HOUSE calls him a conduit for disinformation. Rival…

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Mar 18, 1989

Terry Anderson’s Four Years

The Washington Post, March 17, 1989 "It's too bad about your friend," Iran's…

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Mar 17, 1988

Terry Anderson, Devalued

The New York Times, March 16, 1988 SINCE THE MORNING of March 16, 1985, when Terry Anderson, an…

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