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Feb 04, 2011

Indonesian Journalism: Lessons for the U.S.?

Published on Feb. 4, 2011 American journalism is, as they say, “in transition.” But…

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Feb 01, 2011

Arab Media Revolution Spreading Change

(Jan. 31,2011) Egyptians have overcome their fear of the police state. It is a seminal moment in…

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Jan 22, 2011

Crowd-sourcing Tunisia: separating electronic rumor from reality

(Jan. 21, 2011) The Tunisian revolution is another reminder of the power of viral media. But it…

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Jan 04, 2011

Reporting the Revolution: The New Voice of Arab Journalism

(Jan. 2011) The ouster of Tunisian President Zine El Abdine Ben Ali and the ongoing regional…

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Apr 18, 2009

Blogging in the Middle East: Not Necessarily Journalistic

By Lawrence Pintak and Yosri Fouda CAIRO – What is a journalist? In Western media circles these…

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Apr 02, 2009

Inside the Arab Newsroom: Arab Journalists Evaluate Themselves and the Competition

(Vol. 10 No. 2 April 2009) In the years since 9/11, much has been written about the alleged bias…

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Jan 24, 2009

Arab Media Wars: Hamas, Fatah and the Arab Media World

ABU DHABI (Jan. 23, 2009) – Surf the blogs in the Arab world and you find a common theme: the…

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Jan 22, 2009

Borderless Journalism in Gaza: BBC, CNN-I, and Al Jazeera English offer nuanced coverage of Gaza war

CAIRO (Jan. 21, 2009) – In television terms, Gaza has been déjà vu all over again. U.S.…

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Jul 02, 2008

The Mission of Arab Journalism: Creating Change in a Time of Turmoil

(Vol. 13 No. 3 July 2008) In the years after 9/11, the Bush administration repeatedly charged…

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May 26, 2008

Misreading the Arab Media

(May 25, 2008) “ARABIC TV does not do our country justice,” President Bush complained in…

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May 01, 2008

The Princess and the Facebook Girl

Issue 5, Spring 2008 Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a beautiful…

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Jul 01, 2007

Darfur: Covering the “forgotten” story

Issue 2, Summer 2007 There is no issue in Arab journalism today that is more controversial than…

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