May 16, 1998

Troops take to streets as riots rage in Indonesian capital; Generals hem and haw over Suharto’s future

Washington Times, May 15, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Widespread rioting and looting gripped the Indonesian capital for a third day yesterday as power brokers maneuvered behind the scenes to pave the…

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May 08, 1998

Middle Class Indonesians Keep Quiet Amid Growing Unrest

Washington Times, May 7, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Police used rubber bullets and live ammunition to quell riots that left at least six persons dead yesterday, aggravating a crisis that has begun…

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May 01, 1998

Communications Gap Feeds a Revolution

May 1998 (JAKARTA) – It all came down to body language. "Things were going fine until he saw that picture," reports a senior source close to the Indonesian presidential palace.…

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Apr 10, 1998

Indonesian textile industry shackled by currency crisis Unemployment mounts rapidly

Washingotn Times, April 9, 1998 TAMBUN BEKASI, Indonesia - With a quick and practiced hand, the young girl snips stray threads from the red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt stretched out on the…

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Apr 10, 1998

Suharto promises reform - again critics skeptical of follow-through

Washington Times, April 9, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - President Suharto's government bowed for the third time in six months yesterday to demands for economic reform, telling a skeptical…

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Mar 25, 1998

Military calls shots after Suharto goes It `is the strongest, most disciplined, most well-organized entity’ in Indonesia

Washington Times, March 24, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Cronyism and nepotism may appear to be running Indonesia, but in the political chess game to determine what comes after President Suharto, it…

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Mar 17, 1998

World leaders boost pressure on Suharto Japan makes appeal in `Asian’ manner’

Washington Times, March 16, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Japanese and Western leaders yesterday opened a new campaign to wring concessions from President Suharto, who a day earlier bucked world…

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Mar 13, 1998

Lippo Group sues Wal-Mart over Indonesia pullout

Washington Times, March 12, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - The Indonesia connection that cost President Clinton political capital could cost Wal-Mart millions in hard cash. The retail giant is being…

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Mar 07, 1998

Forest fires add to Jakarta’s ills for second year Green groups worry about wildlife

Washington Times, March 6, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Widespread forest fires on the island of Borneo are threatening Southeast Asia with a repeat of last year's disastrous haze shroud, which a…

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Mar 03, 1998

Suharto seeks new terms for bailout U.S. sends envoy to back up IMF

Washington Times, March 2, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - President Suharto defied the international financial community yet again yesterday, calling for a renegotiation of his country's bailout…

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Feb 25, 1998

U.S. firms ignore tumult, stay in Indonesia

Washington Times, Feb. 24, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia's economic storm has some U.S. companies battening down the hatches, others scavenging for deals among the local casualties, and…

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Feb 18, 1998

Indonesia resists U.S., IMF on plan to rescue economy

Washington Times, Feb. 17, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia appears set to thumb its nose at the United States and International Monetary Fund over the handling of its economic crisis and the…

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