Dec 01, 1999

Satish Kumar

Worcester Magazine (1999) At the age of nine, he took vows as a Jain monk. At 18, he began preaching Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violent social involvement. A decade later, he set off from India…

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Sep 07, 1999

Jon Kabat-Zinn: The Prescription is Meditation

Shambhala Sun, Sept. 1999 From the inner city to the executive suite, in hospitals and prisons, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s meditation courses are helping thousands handle illness stress, anger and…

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Sep 02, 1999

Mind at Peace, Body in Balance

Sept. 1999 A look at healing meditations developed by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche, author of The Healing Power of Mind. The simplicity of the mindfulness meditations taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn makes them…

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Jul 04, 1998

Ousted leader haunts Indonesian political scene Suharto still exercises power through his offspring

Washington Times, July 3, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Six weeks after he was ousted from power, former President Suharto continues to loom as a presence in the Indonesian political landscape. After…

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Jun 01, 1998

Habibie Stumbles Through: First week tough for new Indonesian leader

June 1998 (JAKARTA) - Indonesia ended the first full week of the post-Suharto era a nation drunk on reform after three decades of authoritarian rule. The most striking thing was the sheer volume of…

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May 29, 1998

Congressional group presses Habibie Rep. Smith talks tough, meets with jailed rebel chief

Washington Times, May 28, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - A congressional group led by Rep. Christopher H. Smith heaped pressure on President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie yesterday to clean up his…

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May 26, 1998

Habibie to call for elections by 1999 Indonesian leader yields to pressure

Washington Times, May 25, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - President Bachruddin Jusuf Habibie is ready to accept genuine economic reform and new parliamentary elections within a year to save the country…

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May 23, 1998

Indonesians look past new leader Ally of Suharto’s seen as unlikely to bring reform

Washington Times, May 22, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Newly installed President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie led his country into the post-Suharto era yesterday with a vow to increase democratic…

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May 22, 1998

After 32 years, Suharto resigns No. 2 to serve out Indonesian’s term

Washington Times, May 21, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - After more than three decades of unrivaled rule over the world's fourth-most-populous nation, Indonesian President Suharto has resigned.…

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May 20, 1998

Suharto should resign, ally says; Leader prepares to address nation

Washington Times, May 19, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - The influential speaker of parliament yesterday urged President Suharto to step down for the good of the nation, prompting cheers in the streets…

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May 19, 1998

Suharto won’t resign, pledges cabinet changes Indonesian troops gird for more riots

Washington Times, May 18, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - In the long tradition of Third-World dictators under siege, President Suharto dug in over the weekend, ordering the military to crack down on…

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May 17, 1998

Who might succeed Suharto

Toronto Globe & Mail, May 16, 1998 Megawati Sukarno: Daughter of Indonesia's only other president, Sukarno, is labeled "opposition leader" by the Western media, but she lacks…

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