Feb 17, 1998

Chinese Indonesians’ fear grows Mobs attack shops, homes in West Java

Washington Times, Feb. 16, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Mobs attacked Chinese-owned businesses in a city east of the capital yesterday, adding to the fears of ethnic Chinese who believe they are being…

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Feb 13, 1998

Indonesian unrest hurting tourist trade in balmy Bali: Hotel occupancy down, international flights cut back

Washington Times, Feb. 12, 1998 BALI, Indonesia - An economic meltdown and small-scale riots on nearby islands are making tourists think twice about visiting this storied tropical paradise.…

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Jan 30, 1998

Expatriates lose jobs, business as Indonesia’s economy crashes

Washington Times, Jan. 29, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - American Ken D'Angelo had a dream job. He was to help design and build one of Southeast Asia's large planned cities - an Indonesian…

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Feb 03, 1997

Indonesia breaks for a jittery timeout. Coming months will be critical to nation’s economic recovery and future

The Washington Times, Feb. 2, 1998 JAKARTA, Indonesia - Millions of Indonesians were back in their home villages at the end of last week for the feast to mark the end of Ramadan, giving the country…

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Nov 13, 1995

Parent Abuse in Economy Class

As published in The Jakarta Post & other Asian papers (1995) LOS ANGELES — A middle seat in the back of the plane. Not one of my favorite places at the best of times. A squirming 11-month old…

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Jan 31, 1991

Speaking in Defense Of Peter Arnett of CNN

The Washington Post, Jan. 30, 1991 THE WHITE HOUSE calls him a conduit for disinformation. Rival networks mutter darkly about shady deals with the Iraqi government. In the pages of the Washington…

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Mar 18, 1989

Terry Anderson’s Four Years

The Washington Post, March 17, 1989 "It's too bad about your friend," Iran's ambassador to Damascus nodded gravely. "He is innocent. They are all innocent as individuals.…

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Aug 31, 1988

Is America Out to Lunch?

The New York Times, Aug. 30, 1988 SARASOTA, Fla. — What happened, America? You used to work so well. For a decade, in my travels as a foreign correspondent, I wrestled with telephones and…

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Mar 17, 1988

Terry Anderson, Devalued

The New York Times, March 16, 1988 SINCE THE MORNING of March 16, 1985, when Terry Anderson, an Associated Press correspondent, was dragged from a car in West Beirut, his whole world has been a…

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Mar 27, 1986

They remain the forgotten Americans

The New York Times, March 26, 1986 (LONDON) -- IT'S HARD TO FIND mention in the European and American press of what the United States is doing to free its hostages who remain in Lebanon. The…

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Jan 05, 1980

Wary Guerrillas Meet Peacekeepers

The Toronto Globe & Mail, Jan. 4, 1980 DENDERA MISSION, Rhodesia - They stare through suspicion-filled eyes, clinging to their weapons. A week ago, these men and women would have killed any…

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Jan 03, 1980

Replay of violent decade faces Southern Africa

The Toronto Globe & Mail, Jan. 2, 1980 SALISBURY - Although it enters the 1980s with a major peace agreement, Southern Africa faces the prospect of a replay of the bloodshed of the past decade.…

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